martes, 12 de enero de 2010



8½"×11" piece of wool felt
Small piece of contrasting patterned
Sewing machine
Pinking shears
Vintage button
Small snap set
Needle and thread
Assortment of sewing pins and needles to tuck inside

1. Cut out pages.
Using pinking shears, cut 2 pieces of felt, each 4"×7", leaving a small tab extending 1" extra on the short side of 1 piece (as shown), edged with scissors.

2. Embellish the cover.
Fold the 2 pieces of felt like an 8-page book, with the tabbed piece on the outside, and the tab itself on the bottom of the layers. Cut a 2½"×2" rectangle out of the print fabric, and arrange it on the front of the book so it’s centered nicely. Set your sewing machine to a tight zigzag stitch and appliqué all 4 sides of the fabric square onto the front piece of felt.

3. Bind the book.
Sew the 2 felt rectangles down the center with a straight stitch to join the pages, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seam. Now hand-sew a small snap set into place on the tab and the front of the needlebook, and embellish the tab with a vintage button.

4. Add the extras.
Fill the pages with needles, pins, and needle threaders for your next out-of-the-house sewing project!