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Ideas de reciclaje y tejido

Need a quick HOW TO?

You’ll need a regular ‘ol canning jar for this.  Any size works.  Take the lid apart and lay the flat piece down on some fabric and cut around it, with plenty of room around all sides.

Then, grab a handful of batting and stuff it under the lid (make sure the top of the lid is facing down at this point.  Then add a touch of hot glue on the top edge of the fabric and fold it over to the back side of the lid, securing it in place.  Then do the same on both sides.

Now, add a line of glue under your flaps of fabric and gradually pull the fabric down and glue in place.  Try to avoid too much folding or clumping of the fabric by trying to smooth it out evenly as you go……but a little bit won’t hurt anything.

Then, do the same thing to the other side of the lid.  Before gluing the last bit of fabric down, you can add a bit more batting if you need to.  You want the pin cushion section to be a little firm but it doesn’t have to be super tight and packed in there.

Finish gluing the rest of the fabric down then trim off any excess bulk.  (You don’t want to trim too much off though because you want it tucked under the felt in the next step.)

Now cut out a circle of felt that is smaller than the circle and won’t add to the bulk of the lid when trying to screw it down.  Hot glue the felt circle down and press firmly, making this extra fabric as flat as possible.  Then place the outer ring on top of the fabric and allow the little puff of fabric to poke right out.

Quieres saber más aquí el link. 

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Bolsa y detalle chic

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